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臺北時裝周 Liyu Tsai 追尋初心



    Liyu Tsai 2023秋冬系列 - Daily Serenity於臺北時裝周亮麗登場。本季將看似平凡的日常卻充滿無限的靜懿美好,以英國女性代表藝術家"Mary Fedden"的大膽純粹畫風為啟發,帶入Art Deco的經典元素,運用幾何的圖形變化結合柔美的面料與立體的層次,將這般的美好轉換成永恆,在女性化的雅韻中帶入獨立且知性的意念,以簡潔俐落的線條完整地展現化繁為簡的設計理念,呈現出屬於每一個日常意象中的美好品味。






用雙眼觀察每日生活中的細小微物,享受每一個呼吸的當下,本季以英國女性代表藝術家"Mary Fedden"為發想,將小家落、小世界的簡單與可愛以色彩及布料宣示純粹生活的美好,為用心地對待滋養我們的美好大地,除了在設計意象上刻劃,布料來源的考究,也是品牌對於自身的期許,將綠色生活織入時尚,延續對人與自然友善的理念,成就真正的美好生活。


帶入Art Deco時期的現代風格與精緻工藝相互結合,將生活中的美好轉換成永恆,塑造毫不費力的優雅氣息、自然不矯作的經典品味,回歸永恆精緻的經典風格。現代的設計風格融合精細的豐富材料工藝,運用幾何的圖形變化,結合柔美的面料與立體的層次,在女性化的雅韻中帶入獨立且知性的意念,以簡潔俐落的線條完整地展現化繁為簡的設計理念,呈現出屬於每一個日常意象中的美好品味,用心收藏屬於你我日常中的專屬經典。



本季時裝秀,藉由回歸經典及追尋初心的概念,特別將秀場選定為蔡麗玉總監的母校實踐大學,並邀請校園師生一同參與,望激發更多的創意火花,整場活動更有許多優秀的臺灣品牌共襄盛舉,曼都、紅造型、大學眼鏡、金格食品、NAFU Life、Snow Fox,為本次時裝秀呈現更加精彩的內容。透過臺北時裝周攜手產官學,結合臺灣各領域優秀的佼佼者,共同創造一場難忘的時尚盛宴。





Taipei Fashion Week Liyu Tsai pursues her original intention

Remaking Classic Daily Serenity


    Liyu Tsai 2023 Autumn/Winter Collection - Daily Serenity debuted at Taipei Fashion Week. This season, the seemingly ordinary daily life is full of infinite tranquility and beauty. Inspired by the bold and pure painting style of the representative British female artist Mary Fedden, it brings in the classic elements of Art Deco, using geometric graphic changes combined with soft fabrics and three-dimensional layers, transforming such beauty into eternity, bringing independent and intellectual ideas into the feminine elegance, and fully demonstrates the design concept of simplifying complexity with simple and neat lines, presenting a good taste in an everyday image.


The original intention of the dream


The campus, the cradle of countless students, is the birthplace of many people's dreams, where their original intentions lie. When the brand entered its 27th year, Cai Liyu, the design director, returned to her alma mater, Shijian University, and combined the core spirit of reshaping the classics this season into the original intention of fashion design. The unique calmness, succinctness, and meticulous texture of Architectural concrete model buildings set off the eternal classic purity of the brand series.



Depicting the quiet beauty of life


Use your eyes to observe the tiny things in daily life and enjoy the moment of every breath. This season, the British female representative artist Mary Fedden is the inspiration, and the simplicity and cuteness of small families and small worlds are laid on colors and fabrics. Proclaiming the beauty of pure life, to treat the beautiful land that nourishes us with heart, in addition to depicting the design image, the exquisite fabric source is also the brand's expectation for itself, weaving green life into fashion to achieve a truly beautiful life.


Reinventing a Modern Classic


The combination of modern style brought into the Art Deco period and exquisite craftsmanship transforms the beauty of life into eternity, creates effortless elegance, natural and unpretentious classic taste, and returns to the timeless and exquisite classic style. The modern design style integrates delicate and rich material technology, uses geometric graphic changes, combines soft fabrics and three-dimensional layers, brings independent and intellectual ideas into the feminine elegance, and fully displays with simple and neat lines The design concept of simplifying complexity presents the beautiful taste that belongs to every daily image and carefully collects the exclusive classics that belong to you and me in daily life.


Joining Forces with Industry, Academia, and Government

This season's fashion show embraces the concept of returning to the classics and rediscovering our initial inspiration. The event is held at Liyu Tsai's alma mater, Shih Chien University, with the participation of faculty and students to inspire more creative sparks. Many outstanding Taiwanese brands, including Mento, Crimson Design, Universal Eye Center, Konig, NAFU Life, and Snow Fox, also join the event to showcase their excellent hair and makeup styles and PR gifts. Through Taipei Fashion Week's collaboration with industry, academia, and government, we aim to combine Taiwan's outstanding leaders from various fields and create an unforgettable fashion extravaganza.



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